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After searching far and wide, we at USA Wild Seafood found a seafood delivery company that ships wild-caught seafood right to your door each month nationwide.
It’s USA Wild Seafood approved and is:

• All wild-caught, never farmed, premium fish from Alaska or the Pacific Northwest
• Delivered in 100% recyclable, insulated boxes where it remains frozen with dry ice
• Premium quality with amazing taste and high nutritional value

It’s name… Wild Alaskan Company.

The seafood world needs truly wild-caught Alaskan fish

Truth bomb: Not all seafood that hits the market is equal. In fact, 100 percent wild-caught salmon is extremely difficult to come by in the U.S.

When you go to the grocery store for wild-caught salmon, you’re most likely getting farm-raised, imported fish. Even if the store promotions lead you to believe otherwise.

A 2015 study by Oceana showed that nearly 43 percent of salmon sold in the U.S. is fraudulently labeled. So, a lot of people aren’t getting what they pay for.

We have big issues with farmed fish and here’s why

  • Farmed fish are raised differently than wild-caught fish and carry much more disease and infection. 
  • Overcrowded pens result in fish farmers using antibiotics to prevent disease.
  • Geographical location of the farms and other factors also affect the quality of fish.

None of that happens in the oceans where the fish roam free. Which is what makes the fish from Wild Alaskan Company so remarkable, they’ve never been farmed.

cooked alaskan salmon

This matters because you can literally taste the difference and benefit from the nutritional value of wild-caught fish. The first time most people taste real wild Alaskan salmon they are blown away and wonder where it’s been all their life.

  • It’s downright delectable
  • Rich in color
  • Extremely healthy (high in proteins, Omega-3’s, & vitamin D)
Test the difference.

How you can ensure your salmon is wild-caught and not farmed.

The short answer: Find a vendor that knows the difference. That’s why we said we finally found a delivery service that provides quality Alaskan seafood. USA Wild Seafood has done the work for you and vetted Wild Alaskan Company so you don’t have to.

The healthy choice that's easy to start

Just follow these steps to get started

1. Pick from multiple subscription seafood plans to accommodate your wants and needs.

2. Get a box of frozen, wild-caught seafood delivered right to your door each month (Pause or cancel anytime).

3. Have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting top-grade fish from a company with sustainable fishing practices.

4. Use one of the recipes provided to you upon purchase or enjoy one of your own with some of the best fish you’ll ever taste. 

Amazing species are always being sourced, such as wild Alaskan salmon, halibut and cod. 

You’ll also be…

  • Supporting sustainable fishing practices
  • Saving yourself time and effort at the store
  • Eating some extremely healthy food
  • Leaving the guess work out of what to make for dinner
  • And getting a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Here’s what current subscribers
are saying about it.

I LOVE Salmon! I've previously caught Wild Coho deep-sea fishing in Alaska - then the Sockeye, SMOKED Salmon/Lox…This was a great deal for a LOT of fresh fish to stock my freezer.

Layne K.

I couldn't believe how much product and variety of seafood was in the package. My family couldn't wait to grill some Coho Salmon the same evening. It was absolutely

Jennifer R.

Some of the best tasting Salmon and fish I've ever had. Top restaurant-quality taste that has made me an instant fan. I will definitely be getting myself another batch!

Charles B.

Fish may be one of the trickier items to ship fresh (we shiver to think of that package being left on your doorstep all day), but businesses like this one have nailed the process.


Here’s what
current subscribers
are saying about it.

Delicious Fish at a Price You Can Afford

Wild Alaskan Company offers three main boxes to choose from, each with an option for a 12 or 24 pack of 6oz portions. Sign up and each month (or every-other-month) you’ll receive your delivery in a well-insulated, recyclable box with frozen, ready to cook fish.

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